Reportage shooting is a rather difficult kind of shooting, because it is not about staging a composition, but in conveying the atmosphere of different events and events. Thanks to the reportage photography, you can see in the photo not only experiences, moods, feelings, but also to evoke in the soul of the spectator of empathy and their different views. The reportage will make any person believe that he really was there, and experienced all these events.

Only thanks to the reportage shooting, you can save all the emotions, authenticity and natural not affected situation. My main task is to catch the right moment. I can work in the most difficult and different conditions, I have my own creative approach and individual execution, so I can safely guarantee you an excellent result.

I offer such kinds of reporting as:

Photographer for corporate parties;
Photographer on graduation and birthday;
Photographer for children's parties, matinees;
Photographer for presentation;
Photographer for entertainment events, fashion shows;
Photographer for concerts, festivals and rallies;
Photographer for sports reportage.